How To Shop For Fine Jewelry
Buying a piece of fine jewelry is unlike buying any other product. What other product comprises materials that are often billions of years old? The natural gemstones and precious metals from which fine jewelry is created have a uniqueness and complexity that require special knowledge–and often gemological equipment–not readily accessible
Tips For Care And Cleaning Of Fine Jewelry
Gems and precious metals are gifts of nature, which need special care. Even though a gem may be millions of years old, once mined and worn, it is exposed to conditions and chemicals that can damage it.
Golden Rules For Buying Jewelry
How to Buy Gold Jewelry 1. Know Your Karats* (*Not to be confused with “carats,” the weight measure used for diamonds and other gems) Look for the karat mark, which will tell you that the piece is real gold and the percentage of pure gold it contains.
All About Diamonds
The conditions that created diamonds have not existed on this planet for millions of years. Very early in the earth’s history, as solid matter became condensed into a sphere, the material at the heart of the planet became subjected to unbelievable extremes of temperature and pressure. It was the conditions in those deep