A Gem of an Article

Mike Levine

Check out the July edition of The Retail Jeweler for a feature on our fearless leader David Craig Rotenberg!

In the print and online publication, said to “reach the largest number of professional jewelers of any of the leading trade magazines,” David is interviewed on the art of gemstone carving. The article discusses how he draws from his in-depth experience and education for the complex task of gem-carving appraisal.

In addition to offering a lovely selection of jewelry at David Craig Jewelers, David is a leading jewelry appraiser and recognized authority on the appraisal of gem carvings. He most frequently lectured on the subject to a captive audience in Arizona at the annual American Gem Trade Association’s (AGTA) Gemfair™. The AGTA is considered the authoritative source on natural colored gemstones.

Also known as glyptic art, gem carving is a very specialized artform. Appraisal of gem carvings requires in-depth knowledge of not only the material used, but the workmanship and the degree of artistry. While the process of gem carving hasn’t changed much over the years, modern tools allow for faster creation.

“Despite new technology, in most cases the labor involved in carving gemstones will be greater than the value of the gem material itself,” says David.

Interesting in reading more? Check out the article here.

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