A Happy Anniversary Made Even Happier

Mike Levine

Matthew and Laurie Myers were thrilled with their David Craig Jeweler (DCJ) experience in 2015 —an engagement ring and band for Laurie and a matching wedding band for Matthew. The couple had also purchased DCJ wedding gifts for each other—a bracelet for Laurie and a watch for Matthew. Fast forward two years to their second anniversary and it was time for another special gift.

The couple attended one of David’s intimate gemstone roundtables where a small group of individuals is invited for an educational jewelry experience. This particular session was run by Paul Cohen, store manager and, like David, a certified gemologist.

Laurie lovingly examined a gorgeous aquamarine gemstone with an unusual cats-eye feature* (read below for more details!)

“I didn’t know what we could do with this stone, but I immediately loved it,” recalls Laurie. “There was something very special about a cat’s eye effect in what was actually my birthstone (aquamarine).”

Matthew made the decision to buy the stone and asked DCJ to come up with some design ideas. Adding sapphires—Matthew’s birthstone— around the aquamarine was the perfect touch.

“It’s simply stunning, especially given all of the extra effort that went into the design and creation of this ring,” says Laurie.

The anniversary ring was completed in time for the couple’s special celebration trip to Seattle and Vancouver last month.

“It was perfect,” recalls Laurie. “I was able to wear my beautiful gift to a
couple of special anniversary dinners and everybody who saw it, even one
waitress, admired it. It’s a showstopper!”



If you’re interested in learning more about gemstones by attending one of David Craig Jeweler’s roundtable events, call us for more information: 215-

*According to DCJ’s store manager and gemologist appraiser, Paul Cohen, an aquamarine with a cats-eye phenomenon is unusual. He explains that “chatoyancy,” the proper term for the optical cats-eye effect, occurs in a number of gemstones, but most commonly in moonstone which was a favorite gemstone choice in the jewelry design of Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900s. Mr. Tiffany would frequently incorporate American- sourced blue sapphires into his designs with the moonstones. The cats-eye aquamarine stone chosen by Laurie and Matthew resembles a blue sheen cats-eye moonstone. With Matt's birthstone a sapphire (blue), it seemed natural to design Laurie’s ring to reflect design styles of that period and Tiffany’s influence.

The ring incorporates filigree elements accented with milgrain (decorative) work all executed in platinum – a theme greatly favored in the early 1900s. With the cats-eye aqua gemstone, the blue sapphires, all set in platinum along with the filigree/milgrain detail, this ring design would fit right in during the early 1900 period.

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