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We’re excited to introduce Anzie Jewelry!

David Craig Jewelers is delighted to announce the arrival of Anzie Jewelry. Named after its founder, Anzie Stein, this collection of designer jewelry is celebrated for its signature pieces featuring precious gemstones. Created in Montreal, Anzie Jewelry is greatly inspired by the city’s eclectic style and chic French women. Each piece is a classic, colorful expression that highlights the natural beauty and style of today’s generation.

The collections that make up Anzie are elegant and versatile, but they all share the same qualities—polished, inventive, and timeless.

The Dew Drop Collection, features Anzie’s signature setting, inspired by the simplicity of early morning dew drops and the calming views of the ocean.

The Bouquet Collection, bursting with colorful stones delicately arranged in floral patterns reflects the collection’s inspiration in nature.

The Melia Collection, plays with symmetry and opposites, featuring sparkling black-tie-worthy pieces with a mischievous twist.

 The Aztec Collection, inspired by Southwestern and Art Deco influences, showcases spikes, trillian cut gemstones and star bursts.

Anzie’s innovative designs have gained the admiration of the fashion world and Anzie Jewelry has been featured in top fashion publications as well as fine jewelry stores and department stores. From the inception of its first piece, the LifeSaver Bracelet, in 1999 to its present-day success, the company’s guiding principles have remained the same throughout the years; family, community, philanthropy and artistic integrity.

“A burst of color adds happiness to my day. I hope that you enjoy your Anzie pieces & that they bring happiness to your life too.” – Anzie

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