Professional appraisals protect the value of your jewelry investment. In selecting an appraiser, it’s important that the appraisal be performed by a certified appraisal professional  -- not just a gemologist. David Craig is not only a certified gemologist, but also a certified gemologist appraiser. With an AGS-certified Gemology Laboratory on site at his retail location, you can rest assured that the appraisal you receive from David Craig Jewelers will be accurate. Below are a number of reasons for having your fine jewelry and diamonds appraised.


  • Insurance - to assure a replacement of equal utility, quality and value
  • Estate - for tax liability purposes, when the fair market value of the jewelry exceeds $5,000.00.
  • Comparison - to verify the identity and quality claimed by a third party or to verify the value.
  • Divorce Settlement - to appraise property in which fair market value is used.
  • Estimate to Replace - to determine values of items that were lost or stolen.
  • Damage - to indicates the weight loss resulting from re-cutting a damaged stone and its loss of value.
  • Collateral - to use the jewelry or gemstones for obtaining a loan, etc.
  • Donation and Gift - for tax deduction purposes based on IRS regulations.
  • Barter - when parties exchanging one commodity for another
  • Customs - to prove that an item was not purchased in a foreign country upon return.
  • Casualty Loss – for an income tax deduction for lost and damaged items NOT covered by insurance.
  • Conservatorship – to determine the value of the estate when an individual becomes incapacitated.
  • Distribution of Property - to use with a will. Precludes heirs from squabbling over the estate.
  • Proof of Ownership - to provide positive identification when items have been recovered.
  • Investment – to provide a prospective appreciation analysis.


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