David Craig Jewelers in Two Sparkling Appearances
American Gem Society Communication Highlights Langhorne Jeweler

Mike Levine

David Craig Jeweler’s website blog was revamped at the end of
2017 to incorporate personal ring stories, and the jewelry industry is taking notice. The blog was recently highlighted as one of “8 Blogs for Jewelry Lovers” by the American Gem Society (AGS) who explained:

…we’ve come across eight jewelry blogs that we’d like to share. They all feature terrific info on jewelry trends, heartwarming (and some funny!) stories about proposals, and of course, photos of beautiful jewelry!

Owner David Craig Rotenberg was also recently a guest author for the AGS’s blog. In “What’s That Bracelet (Really) Worth?” David discusses insurance and settlement appraisals and explains how to find a qualified jewelry appraiser.

AGS-credentialed jewelers and appraisers are part of a consumer protection organization that’s been around since 1934. Credentialed members are considered educated and ethical so consumers can shop with absolute confidence.

According to the AGS website, “only one in 20 jewelers have met the exacting requirements necessary for membership.” To become part of the organization, applications are reviewed by peers and members must take an annual recertification exam.

For more information on David Craig Rotenberg and David Craig Jewelers, visit
www.davidcraigjewelers.com or call 215-968-8900.

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