If the Ring Fits, Wear It!

Mike Levine

Tim Christman (29) and Kristin Teschner (28) both attended Bensalem High School but didn’t start dating until after they graduated. Sparks flew and…

The Proposal
Tim proposed June 18th 2016, at the Teschner’s annual summer backyard party. The BBQ involves a Christmas theme. Invitees included all of Kristin’s extended family and a load of friends. There were even the annual gag Pollyanna gifts. After opening the presents Tim surprised Kristin with another gift —asking for her hand in marriage in front of the gathering.

The Ring Dilemma
Tim had not purchased Kristin’s engagement ring at David Craig Jewelers. She adored it, but when it came time to fit a band to her engagement ring, discovered the two rings wouldn’t lay flush. She felt terrible pointing out the “flaw” to Tim but eventually explained the dilemma.

“We went back to the original retailer and he said he’d have to change the setting to have both rings lay flush, or he’d need to specially contour a wedding band to fit, which would mean I wouldn’t be able to wear the band alone,” recalls Kristin.

That dialogue should have taken place when the retailer sold Tim the ring, and it hadn’t.

“The salesperson wanted me to consider a new mounting. I didn’t want to change anything about that engagement ring—after all, it was the one with which Tim proposed to me,” says Kristin.

David Craig Jewelers Saves the Day
After visiting a few jewelry stores and being told basically the same story, the couple discovered David Craig Jewelers.

“We came across them when looking for different options,” says Kristin. “And sure enough, as soon as we walked in I felt totally at home with the people and even the dogs (owner David Craig Rotenberg and his wife, Debbi, raise Portuguese Water Dogs who frequently visit the store). Everyone was just super friendly, relaxed and helpful.”

“Kristin was obviously really concerned about the issue,” recalls Paul Cohen, one of the gemology experts at David Craig Jewelers. “The engagement ring has a halo of small diamonds set in a circle around the center stone. The understructure was built in such a fashion that the wedding band hit against it and wouldn’t sit flush. The jeweler who sold them the ring should have explained this, that Kristin might not be able to wear a basic band with the engagement ring.”

Paul didn’t feel that the task was insurmountable whatsoever. He was able to restructure the halo to allow the ring to “marry” perfectly with a regular wedding band.

“We reconfigured the existing ring without really changing the halo effect, which cost less than a new mounting, but most of all preserved the sentiment,” explains Paul.

Kristin was thrilled. The couple went on to also purchase Tim’s band at David Craig Jewelers.

“I was nervous leaving my diamond ring with what really were initially total strangers, but everyone immediately made me feel so comfortable that I had no doubt this was a very honest establishment,” says Kristin. “They accomplished what so many other jewelers said couldn’t be accomplished.”

The Wedding
The couple were married September 29, 2018 – a “typical fairytale wedding” that included a reception at Celebrations in Bensalem and a honeymoon in St. Lucia.



“We’ve already decided we’ll be returning to David Craig Jewelers to purchase another ring for my other hand for our first anniversary,” remarks Kristin.

To Be Continued…
Kristin is so enthralled by David Craig Jewelers that she convinced her brother to shop at the store for an engagement ring for his fiancé. Perhaps we will have another Teschner story to add to this blog next year!

“I would recommend David Craig Jewelers to anyone,” says Kristin. “Julie and Paul, the ones who I initially met, made what could have been a very stressful experience a very pleasant one.”

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