On the Twelfth Day of…

Mike Levine

Michelle Bane, 25, and her boyfriend, Ryan Cullan, 26, decided to commemorate their six-year dating anniversary on December 12th with a lovely dinner out. But Ryan had an even greater celebration in mind.

The Proposal

The December 12 Proposal
The December 12 Proposal
Despite six years of dating, and lots of kidding by friends wondering when the couple would tie the knot, Michelle was convinced Ryan would not be popping the question on December 12th.

“My sister-in-law asked me if I thought Ryan was going to ask me to marry him at dinner and I told her no, that just wasn’t Ryan’s style,” recalls Michelle. After dinner, the couple walked across the street to meet Ryan’s brother, Christopher, ostensibly for a drink, stopping to admire a decorated town Christmas tree.

A secret film crew across the street, consisting of Michelle’s cousin/best friend Kelsey and Ryan’s brother, were set up to capture what would soon take place. Ryan surprised Michelle by pulling a box out of his coat pocket, getting down on one knee in the traditional pose and asking her to marry him. And, of course, she said yes!

Back at Michelle’s house, both sets of parents and other friends awaited to help extend the evening the celebration.

“It was a perfect night which I know involved a lot of really great planning!”

The Ring 

Michelle had accompanied her cousin Kelsey Pesature to David Craig Jewelers when Kelsey was in town having her ring (purchased at David Craig Jewelers) cleaned. For fun, Michelle had tried on a rose gold ring that Kelsey and sales person Kathy Sanders had said looked great with Michelle’s skin tone. Michelle had also mentioned that she really liked cushion cut diamonds (square with rounded corners), or those with round shapes.

Kathy Sanders, of David Craig Jewelers, helped client Ryan Cullan (and his helpful entourage!) select the perfect engagement ring.
Kathy Sanders, of David Craig Jewelers, helped client Ryan Cullan (and his helpful entourage!) select the perfect engagement ring.
When Ryan came in to shop for the ring he didn’t take any chances – bringing a crew consisting of Michelle’s two best friends, Stacy Cognigni and Kelsey, and Ryan’s sister, Krista Beirnat, to help him pick out the perfect ring for his fiancé.

Ryan looked closely at a variety of beautiful stones that salesperson Kathy Sanders and owner David Craig Rotenberg thought might be ideal. Ryan also listened to what the crew advised, in the end, picking out the diamond he liked best, a cushion-cut diamond set in rose gold that features eight, round brilliant diamonds on either side of the shank.

“Like the proposal itself, I know there was a lot of thought that went into the picking of my ring – and I just love it!” notes Michelle.


The Future

The Ring
The Ring
The couple considers the number 12 a lucky one (dating proposal date, proposal date, but also, let’s face it – 12 months in a year, 12 days of Christmas, 12 signs of the zodiac…) and, as such, have set the date for their wedding on December 12, 2020.

“We are going to keep that 12/12 anniversary date going strong,” says Michelle.

Best wishes to Michelle and Ryan from all of us here at David Craig Jewelers!

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