Our FREE Jewelry Cleaning and Inspection Service – With Pleasure!

Mike Levine

It’s understandable that you’d want to enjoy your favorite jewelry throughout the summer. But sunscreen, chlorine, salt water and sand can wreak havoc on your jewelry. In addition, a loose prong or clasp could mean you might lose an irreplaceable heirloom stone. That’s where we come in.

David Craig Jewelers offers a FREE JEWELRY CLEANING AND INSPECTION SERVICE. We’ll clean and inspect your favorite ring, necklace or bracelet AT NO CHARGE, even if you didn’t purchase the item from us. As professional jewelers with a special passion for diamonds and gemstones, we want to make sure your jewelry retains its sparkle and sturdiness throughout your lifetime and, perhaps, for generations to come.

We’ll clean your item, normally while you wait, and thoroughly inspect it to make sure that stones are held tightly in place with secure prongs. And you’d be surprised to see just how much soap scum, gardening dirt and household grease can take the sparkle out of diamonds, metals and gemstones.

We recommend a checkup every six months to ensure the longevity of your favorite piece. While some issues can be detected with the naked eye, others require the years of experience and magnifying tools only a professional jewelry expert can provide.

In addition to looking to David Craig Jewelers for help cleaning and inspecting your jewelry, there are other tips you can follow to:

Keep Your Jewelry Looking Great This Summer

  • Be aware of fingers suddenly changing size. Going swimming? Keep in mind that your fingers temporarily shrink a little in the cold water on a hot day – your rings may therefore become loose when you’re cooling off in the pool or ocean
  • Thinking of building a sand castle? While harder stones like diamonds may be fine, you should keep gold-and rhodium-plated jewelry and, softer stones like citrine and amethyst, at home since sand (what glass comes from, after all) is highly abrasive.
  • This pearl of wisdom says that pool chemicals, sunscreen and even sweat can affect the beautiful luster of your favorite pearl jewelry. Keep pearls clean with mild soap and water.
  • Tarnishing may be Inevitable, but lotions, sweat and humidity will accelerate the process.
  • Taking jewelry on vacation? Keep bracelets and necklaces from tangling by packing them separately. And if you’re packing diamonds, remember they can scratch softer stones like pearls.

Bring your treasured jewelry to the professionals at David Craig Jewelers for a free cleaning and inspection! We want your jewelry to always sparkle like new and remain safe and sturdy. And even if your jewelry is insured, you simply can’t replace the sentimental value of heirloom pieces of jewelry that are lost or damaged.

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