In the Pink

Mike Levine

Claire Wiley met Skyler Borgman four and a half years ago while the two were living in Philadelphia. She was attending vet school at the University of Pennsylvania and he was working towards an MBA in Finance at Temple.

When Skyler proposed to Claire last month he did so with a romantic dinner, lit candles and a special family heirloom—the Bogach Diamond. The beautiful, European-cut stone was currently residing in a necklace. It was registered in MOND, the Museum of Named Diamonds, and had been passed down through the generations from its Ellis Island entrance into the United States with Skyler’s great grandmother.

Skyler (originally from Lansdowne, PA) and Claire (originally from Connecticut) knew just where to go when they decided to re-set this heirloom stone into a unique engagement ring for Claire—David Craig Jewelers. Claire was aware of David’s reputation as one of the area’s leading experts on gemstones since her mother had previously turned to the Bucks County jeweler to re-set her own engagement ring.

The young couple were happy to obtain Claire’s mom’s recommendation. They were delighted with the final ring creation which now boasts hand-set, natural light pink diamonds surrounding the family heirloom diamond. The main diamond is slightly elevated as David says, to “not only enhance its natural beauty but to signify its special history in the family.”

Says Claire: “I wanted a solitaire but David told us he could design something even more beautiful if we let him, and he was so right. My ring is more incredible than I ever could have imagined – we basically let David use his talents to create something and he presented us with this work of art!” The couple plan an August 5, 2018 wedding in New Hope.

We wish them much happiness and lasting joy!

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