Claire Locket Necklace


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The namesake for our Claire keepsake photo locket necklace, Claire Standish stood out and was not afraid to be noticed. And as children of the 80’s I loved her classy and elegantly cool style. Our Claire has some of the same features as this beloved character from The Breakfast Club. She started out looking a little uptight but after a day of detention we all realized she was the coolest girl in school. She was hiding who she was all along. Misunderstood, spirited and eventually not afraid to be her own person. Our pearls can make you stand out but just like Claire there was a secret lurking underneath. Your personal photo makes these pearls your own.

Perfect for saying “I do” or any special moment, Claire’s luminous pearls exude grace. The mother of pearl and quartz center stone is a timeless touch—surrounded by shimmery white topaz, the effect is as precious as the photo inside.

  • Sterling Silver Locket with a Mother of Pearl and Quartz doublet and White Topaz stones
  • 16.5” strand of Freshwater Pearls
  • Locket measures 23 x 18mm