Something Old, Something New

Mike Levine

Are you or your partner in love with great-grandmother’s sapphire ring but the setting is just not right?

Did you inherit a beautiful, but outdated, diamond brooch from a relative? Heirloom jewelry re-purposed for today’s use is a wonderful way of honoring previous generations while creating new traditions for the future.

Oftentimes, the present generation might love the idea of utilizing heirloom jewelry, but be turned off by the object’s style or setting. The reality is that you don’t have to live with the piece “as is” if you love part of the piece and the history it represents. A qualified jeweler like David Craig Rotenberg can provide a new setting and even add other stones if you like.

More ideas:

• A diamond in a delicate, antique setting can be set in more modern, sturdier setting for a more stylish appeal. We can help you reimagine a new design to create a unique look that tells your personal story.

• We may be able to take metal from a band that’s no longer sturdy and use it to create a unique new band.

•  Stones can often be re-cut and re-shaped at David Craig Jewelers. David operates an American Gem Society-certified (AGS) laboratory right here at our location in the Langhorne, Newtown, PA area.

• If you want to keep an inherited piece “as is,” we can help. Bring the item in for a good cleaning and have it checked to make sure there aren’t loose stones or flaws in a setting that could cause problems down the road.

• If the item you’ve inherited has no sentimental value, consider trading it in toward something else.

• Celebrate a special anniversary by redesigning your wedding ring to add a family member’s stone to the setting.

• Turn a previous generation’s engagement ring into a right-hand “I’m worth it” ring to honor the past with a fashionable, fun new piece for yourself.

Linking the Past with the Present

Re-using cherished jewelry is a wonderful means of breathing new life into an older piece. It’s also great for the environment! Even precious jewels in fancy brooches or necklaces (that aren’t quite “you”) can be repurposed into new rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

We’ll work closely with you to try to map out your idea and add our own suggestions if you like. By re-designing and “recycling” you’re still able to carry your family story into the next generation while adding your own special spin to the tale.

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