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    • $329.00
      The namesake for our Claire keepsake photo locket necklace, Claire Standish stood out and was not afraid to be noticed. And as children of the 80’s I loved her classy and elegantly cool style. Our Claire has some of the same features as this beloved character from The Breakfast Club. She started out looking a[.....]
    • $309.00
      The namesake for the Mickey gold picture locket, our founder Mikki formerly spelled her name as Mickey.  She was named after her dad, who funny enough, always called her Mouse. As she got older, she decided to change the spelling to reflect her belief that she was “growing up,” but for those people who knew[.....]
    • $299.00
      Our Beatrice Locket Necklace was named after a multilayered personality, Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing, is one of the most complex and fascinating women in literature. This locket with its multi layers of inlaid silver was complex enough to be worthy of Beatrice. Fiercely independent, smarter than most, witty and vulnerable to the love[.....]
    • $259.00
      The meaning of the name Bea is “bringer of joy”. It’s a fitting name for a keepsake locket named after a woman who has devoted her life to making other people smile. Bea was a nurse who took such good of our founder’s father, Michael when he became too ill to be at home.  The[.....]
    • $150.00
        Silver and cable ring – Twelve white topaz 0.5Cts. Charriol’s ornate MALIA collection, with its series of twisted cables decorated with precious white topaz, has had an update in the form of pretty frangipani flowers. 02-121-1220-3-56
    • $220.00
      An extension of one of the most cherished of CHARRIOL jewelry collections, Forever reflects young adults wearing their jewelry in bespoke fashion, staying « young at heart ». Inspired by Celtic « torque » adornments, this collection is easy-to-wear and intented to be Unisex. (03-03-1139-0)

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