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    • $249.00
      Our Sadie keepsake locket necklace reminds us to treasure a beautiful summer day. Bright blues and shiny pearls reminiscent of verdant beach days and long warm nights. The look of this locket evokes a moment for us, to breathe and remember to take in each day for it’s unexpected gifts. Taking a long walk and discovering[.....]
    • $209.00
      Our Rose silver heart locket’s namesake was an extraordinary woman. Rose was a believer that actions speak louder than words. Be the good you want to see in the world. Thais is what Rose is about. She’s about listening to those around her and being there when we need her most, without ever asking for[.....]
    • $329.00
      The namesake for our Claire keepsake photo locket necklace, Claire Standish stood out and was not afraid to be noticed. And as children of the 80’s I loved her classy and elegantly cool style. Our Claire has some of the same features as this beloved character from The Breakfast Club. She started out looking a[.....]
    • $229.00
      The inspiration behind our Mimi custom gold locket, our founder Liz’s grandmother’s life was full of simple joys. She was one of those people who could mine sunshine from any situation. This keepsake locket inspired by Liz’s namesake, in gold and rose gold, is very natural in design. It opens with a simple swing instead[.....]
    • $90.00
      Rose gold PVD steel ring- One white topaz 0.012Cts. A brand-new collection from the Charriol Maison, the ‘Infinity Zen’ range is designed by Coralie Charriol-Paul with minimalism in mind. 02-102-1232-0-56
    • $155.00
        Silver and cable ring – Twelve white topaz 0.5Cts. Charriol’s ornate MALIA collection, with its series of twisted cables decorated with precious white topaz, has had an update in the form of pretty frangipani flowers. 02-121-1220-3-56
    • $230.00
      An extension of one of the most cherished of CHARRIOL jewelry collections, Forever reflects young adults wearing their jewelry in bespoke fashion, staying « young at heart ». Inspired by Celtic « torque » adornments, this collection is easy-to-wear and intented to be Unisex. (03-03-1139-0)

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